(a) No request upon the Escrow Agent can be effective for any purpose unless made in writing, signed by the party making the request, and delivered to the Escrow Agent.

(b) Unless otherwise agreed in writing by all parties, and approved by the Escrow Agent, the Escrow Agent will deduct fees from the contract holder's funds. If the escrowed documents instruct the Escrow Agent to split disbursement fees but the contract holder does not receive monthly funds, the disbursement fee will be charged to Payor.

(c) Unless otherwise agreed in writing by all parties and approved by Escrow Agent, the Escrow Agent will compute interest on the unpaid balance to the date payment is received by the Escrow Agent (daily interest), and will commence interest as of the document date.

(d) Escrow Agent assumes no liability for the legal effectiveness of any escrowed documents and volunteers no opinion, nor makes any opinion as to the condition of the title conveyed or received, or rights of lienholders, or any other matter affecting the interest of the parties in and to the subject matter of the escrow.

(e) All payoffs, balloon payments*, and annual payments MUST be certified funds or a title company check.

(f) If your contract contains provisions that call for changes in terms such as interest rate changes, changes in payment amount, or intermittent balloon payments during the life of the contract, the enforcement of these provisions is the responsibility of the parties to the contract, not that of Security Escrow Corporation. Security Escrow Corporation must be notified of a change in any terms by letter or fax prior to the date such change is to occur. Upon receipt of such notification and after review of the contract, Security Escrow Corporation. will change its records accordingly.

(g) If your contract requires Security Escrow Corporation to impound a portion of your monthly payment for the payment of property taxes and/or insurance, Security Escrow Corporation must have the annual tax bill and/or insurance premium notice for these payments to be made. It is the responsibility of the parties of the contract, buyer and/or seller, to see that the tax notice and/or insurance premium notices are delivered to Security Escrow Corporation, prior to their due dates, to insure payment of these obligations. Failure to provide these notices in a timely manner may result in penalties or policy cancellation for which Security Escrow Corporation cannot be held responsible.

(h) Unpaid fees due to Security Escrow may be collected, at Security Escrow's discretion, by invoicing party which owes the fees, by with-holding from payments due to seller, by with-holding from Tax & Insurance escrow accounts or by adding to closeout fees for owing party. Security Escrow may restrict customer service and/or withhold release of escrowed documents until unpaid fees have been paid in full. Unpaid fees and invoices will accrue 2% interest per month.

(i) IRS regulations require Security Escrow to collect Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) from payors on Real Estate Contracts, Mortgages and other interest bearing instruments. Payor's failure to provide Security Escrow with correct Name and TIN information will result in Security Escrow charging Payor for each written request according to the current fee schedule. Security Escrow may restrict customer service and/or withhold release of escrowed documents until correct Name and TIN information has been collected.

*Any payment exceeding the required monthly payment by $2,500 or more

For your safety, and ours, cash payments are not accepted in the office and may be made at any branch of our bank with your payment coupon. Payments will be credited as of the date paid at the bank.




Rates Effective November 1, 2018
Plus Gross Receipts Tax

No Charge for REC Setup

Check Amount
$1,000 - $17,999.00
$18,000 & Over
Additional Disbursements
Tax and/or Insurance Escrow
Tax and/or Insurance Disbursements
Payment History
Payoff Statement
Annual Interest Statement
Monthly Multiple Account Report
Advice of Payment by email
(Must request in writing)
Partial Release
NSF Charge
Modifications and Addendums
Lease Set up fee
Close Out (Payoff & Default)
Transfer of Escrow
Research and Special Handling
(per hour)
Void & Reissue Checks (per check)
Recording Deeds & Releases
(plus applicable recording fees)
Holding Documents (per month)
Missing or Incorrect Tax ID per yr.

1/10 of 1%